Whatsapp Video Calling Apk Download | How to Fix Video Calling Error?

WhatsApp being the popular and free messaging application has successfully replaced SMS and MMS services and estimated to have 99% annual subscriptions, thus making it the most reputed online messaging app for Smartphone and PC users. Get you WhatsApp Video Calling App today and enjoy messaging, sending photos and videos and do a lot more with friends and groups for free. We are on one or the other social media application throughout the day; it has now been the integral part of our lives where compromising on this medium to communicate is almost impossible. Amongst some of the most used social media platforms, Whatsapp is one name, which tops the chart in the midst of people of all age groups.

Whatsapp Video Calling is a messaging application, where not only text messages, but video and voice messages can also be interchanged. With time to time development in the application, WhatsApp introduced different progressive features, including, WhatsApp voice call, WhatsApp Video Calling and so on. It’s not just an App to be used on a smart phone, but the same is available as WhatsApp web option too. Here are some interesting features which have made it the most talked term in the entire world.

WhatsApp Video Calling App - You Need to Know Everything!!

WhatsApp Video Calling

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application designed for Smart phones as well as for PC users. It gives users the freedom to send and receive messages, photos, and videos and even make video calls and voice calls to their contacts without charges as it uses the internet services of network carriers. So, download the application today and enjoy messaging for free.

Soon after the launch of WhatsApp Video Calling, It has become the most popular instant messaging application that has been connecting billions of people worldwide and bringing them closure to each other through its excellent services. The users of this messaging application can share instant messages and even multimedia files for free and even make calls both voice and video with their friends and family regardless of their geographical location for free. It works smoothly on almost all Smart Phones models that are Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G enabled. It also works on Windows PC and offers you the opportunity to carry out the conversation on the larger screen of your PC for free.

WhatsApp Video Calling Features:

Whatsapp is compatible with Android, Mac, windows and all iPhone devices. With a few easy steps, you get the app installed on your device, and you are good to go.

You get a platform where you can speak freely and of course endlessly. You need not stop your conversation for any reason, not even for the calling rates. Whatsapp enables both video and voice calls, and all of it for no cost at all. Communication around the globe is free. Yes, it’s free!

Amongst the various developments done to the app, the latest and the most applauded one is the end to end encryption to the WhatsApp conversation. As according to the makers of the app, keeping the privacy of the customers is the top most priority, an end to end encryption is enabled, so that the conversation remains private throughout.

Whatsapp uses the simplest ways to operate. You need not be a tech savvy or a pro in operating smart phone devices. The app and its functions are too simple to understand and operate.

You can create groups and chat with multiple people simultaneously. That’s how WhatsApp has provided people a widespread medium to not only have a friendly relationship, but people are giving new heights to their business ideas as well.

How to Download WhatsApp Video Calling App For Android, iOS, and PC?

WhatsApp is the top rated messaging application for Smartphone users and holds the 5th rank as free communication app on Google Play Store with over 200 million users worldwide. The cross platform application is now made available for Windows and Blackberry devices. It allows the users to enjoy group chats, send and receive videos and photos without incurring texting charges, thus WhatsApp worth the hype and your consideration.

Steps to Download WhatsApp Video Calling For Android:

  • Step 1- Go to Google Play Store, and in the search bar type Whatsapp. You shall be lead to the app.
  • Step 2- Click install, and accept the term and conditions, in the window that opens immediately as you click on install. That’s when the process of installation starts.
  • Step 3- After installation is done, open the app. You shall be directed to the home page.
  • Step 4- Enter the information as asked by Whatsapp, that’s how the user in registering on the platform. Make sure you mention the information correct to your knowledge. With a code sent to your registered mobile number, the verification shall be done for your identity.
  • Step 5- Once the verification is done, you can use the application free of cost.

Steps to Download WhatsApp Video Calling For iOS:

  • Step 1- Go to Appstore, and in the search bar type Whatsapp. You shall be lead to the app.
  • Step 2- Click on Get, and you shall be asked about your iCloud password. Enter the password, and the downloading shall start.
  • Step 3- After installation is done, open the app. You shall be directed to the home page.
  • Step 4- Enter the information as asked by Whatsapp, that’s how the user in registering on the platform. Make sure you mention the information correct to your knowledge. With a code sent to your registered mobile number, the verification shall be done for your identity.
  • Step 5- Once the verification is done, you can use the application free of cost.
  • This gets you registered on the most talked about communication App in the digital world today.

How to Download WhatsApp Video Calling For PC?

Whether you are using Android Smartphone or iOS device or any other Smartphone, you can easily download WhatsApp App on your device from the app store of your device. For Android users, they can download it from Play Store, while iOS users need to download it from iTunes Store. It is a legitimate instant messaging application which is free to download from respective App Store.

For PC users, there are few steps which they need to follow to run the application on their PC.

You need to open the web browser on PC and type web.whatsapp.com

A QR code will appear which you need to scan using your Smartphone

After scanning the QR code using your Smartphone, the WhatsApp App will start running on your PC instead of your Smartphone using the same registration details.

How to Download the Apk File Of WhatsApp Video Calling Without Using Play Store?

If you are unable to Install Whatsapp Video Calling from your play store then you need to follow the steps to download the Apk file on your device 

  • First, Go to the settings option of your device and open the general tab.
  • Then, go to privacy, where you will find an option to allow third party sources to download on your device.
  • Turn on the toggle button for this, so that your phone is able to download third party apps on your device.
  • Now, you need to download the Whatsapp Apk file from here
  • Once the download step is completed, click on the Whatsapp icon to launch the app on your device.
  • You can now create your own Whatsapp account on your device.
  • Verify your Whatsapp account using your phone number and start chatting with your Whatsapp contacts for free.

How to Fix WhatsApp Video Calling Not Working Errors On Your Device?

Whatsapp have been the most widely used messaging app for the smartphone users. Messaging is proving to be fine regularly using this application. The very reason for the fun is due to the features made available by this excellent messaging application. Texting is not the only concerned range of the app. Its range lies really high from texting to sending voice messages to attempting video calls and much more.

Thus, Whatsapp has really revolutionized staying connected in a brand new way. But, the common issue faced by the users of this app is the video calling. In here, you will get to know the reasons of the issue and How to Fix Whatsapp Video Calling Not Working Errors.

How to Fix Whatsapp Video Calling Not Working Errors? The Reasons Behind

Before getting started with how to recover the video calling, not working errors, it is worth necessary to detect the reasons behind. First of all, you must cool down yourself as the problem is not that difficult to fix and neither its reasons are too complex. So, the reason lies in the ground that -

  • Might be the internet connection is not that fast enough to host a video call. So, the video gets paused and you do not face any sync between the voice and action of the video.
  • Also, might be in the background you have opened lots of applications that is suffocating your internet connection. So, the jam created might be the villain of the picture.
  • Even it has been detected that if you engage yourself in any other activities keeping the video calling on then it might pause the call for some time. Also, it might even result in a further disconnection of the call.

The same are the reasons applied when the other person is engaged with you in a video call. If your friend another side of the screen is causing such reasons willingly or unwillingly then the call will create the disturbance.

How to Fix Whatsapp Video Calling Not Working Errors? The Problem Solvers

Okay, so these are the reasons for the concerned issue. Fixing the problem requires some simple points to be taken care of. Actually, the problems bulleted above has got its solution hidden inside them. So, scroll down the mentioned points.

  • Fix the internet connection that you are using. Or if the necessary switch for a better data and speed plan for enjoying a great video call.
  • Stop using any other application when you are attending a video call. This in a way sheds off the burden loaded over the internet connection to speed up well.
  • Also, ignore the unnecessary popped up messages or any notification in between the video call. This will leave the video calling undisturbed.

So, by ignoring some activities and by remaining aware of the internet connection you can really soothe out the functioning of the video call. In a way did you notice that Whatsapp does not have any internal disturbances to create the issue. Thus, lies the detailing account for How to Fix Whatsapp Video Calling Not Working Errors.

Overall Performance Of WhatsApp!!

The arriving and sending of text messages are simple and quick. Moreover, creating groups for chatting is also very simple and easy. The application allows you to create a group comprising 30 members. You can send and receive any type of messages and MMS for free to your friends, regardless of their geographical locations. WhatsApp Video Calling is the latest version of WhatsApp also allows you to make video calls and the quality of the video calls is above average, depending on the internet connection and speed of the internet. The status can be updated instantly.